Friday, December 3, 2010

Lyon Lockers installed by Gale's at Lyon Bouche Moderne 118 Greenwich Ave NYC

We at Gale's (Est. 1938) were excited for the opportunity to provide Lyon Lockers at Lyon Bouche Moderne at 118 Greenwich Ave in the West Village of NYC.
  Both Lyon's are leaders in their industries. The restaurant is first class and highly recommended. Lyon is also attracting lots of additional visitors to a great area of the city. Neighbors like Caravansary (a great store to visit for kids of all ages)  Tea & Sympathy, Time Pieces, Flight 001, Mxyplyzk, Benny's Buritos, Johnny's Bar, The Village Den, A Salt & Battery have all worked hard to make the neighborhood and great place to live and visit.
   Lyon Lockers continue to be the restaurant industries choice with our lifetime warranties, fair pricing. Gale's has installed thousands of lockers in the NYC metro area over the years. Our free onsite layout service enables our customers to maximize their space. providing employees lockers designed for restaurants and great pricing. Call today for your free onsite layout assistance and Restaurant Locker Guide.
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