Saturday, March 5, 2011

Locker Purchasing Guidelines 2011

If your in the market for lockers consider the following guidelines prior to purchasing:
The following guidelines can also be applied to Shelving, Rack, Mezzanines purchasing considerations as well.
  • How Long is the Warranty ? It should be lifetime warranty
  • Should I buy imported lockers ? The short answer is maybe. Many US locker manufacturers are located less than 50 miles from NYC. If you need to add to the order later on will the colors match? All domestic locker manufactures do a great job of matching colors year after year.  if the order arrives damaged will you have to wait months for replacement parts from overseas. Ask before you buy.
  • Should I just buy direct to save money? The answer is maybe. But Factory Authorized Distributors normally buy into the 6 or 7 figures in purchases every year. They are provided additional deep discounts for their large yearly volume purchases. Distributors are more willing to pass the savings along to purchasers than manufacturers. Some manufacturers sell direct at list price. While distributors can save you 30-40% and more.
  •  Distributors also offer better payment terms. Being local they know you, They're more comfortable than others working terms with you. and they are available onsite. Unlike many manufacturers or internet providers.
  • Ask if you can see existing installations. They should have dozens in your area
  • Does the seller offer credit card purchases to protect you?
  • Is the seller fully insured to make the delivery into your building? Ask for a cert.
  • Will the seller provide onsite field measurements to avoid costly mistakes?
  • Is the seller established ? When? Check them out.
  • If you work for an established company. Will the seller provide payment terms? Never pay upfront.
  • if your still not sure about the seller. Ask the dealer for a written reference from the manufacturer.
  • Will the seller just take the order or manage the sale so that you are protected. NYC deliveries can create issues you may not be aware of. Will the trucker bring the material inside? Does the carrier need a liftgate if you have no dock? If you bought unassembled lockers is your warranty still good if you assemble them?
  • Should I buy used ? In many situations it may be fine. However if you work in a building with employees, visitors their is always a potential liability risk. Used equipment is not always covered in your insurance. check with your carrier. In addition you may not have a warranty for used lockers.
  • The Locker industry is like many others. Stick to standard sizes for the best pricing. Quick ship colors are typically gray, tan and sometimes blue. Most manufacturers offer numerous other free colors, But they may take up to 4-6 weeks to make.

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