Tuesday, July 12, 2011

NYC Commercial Buildings Reduce Liability with the New "Hi Traction Anti-Slip Step covers

NYC Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Restaurants, Gyms, Tourist Attractions, Schools and Pools can now significantly reduce injuries and liabilities with Gale's new state of the art Anti Slip, High Traction Step Covers and Landings. that provide maximum protection. After researching all products. Gale's found the step covers used by the USCG and Oil Rigs offshore to prevent slippery steps, ramps, elevator floors, ladders and hand rail covers.
 Fibreglass Step Covers with Industrial Diamond grit is the product used for the harshest environments. And eliminates the high cost of constant replacement with its long wear life. Using this technology in NYC building is a sure stop, cost effective, long term solution for management.
Most slips on steps occur at the leading edge of a step, especially when the metal, wood or concrete surface becomes worn and the edge rounded. Water, ice, dust, dirt, grease or oil on the stairs further accentuates the problem, making for a dangerous condition with the stair nosing.
Non-load bearing Fibreglass Step Covers with Industrial Diamond Grit are designed to fit over existing steps, providing a brand new surface with durable anti slip performance. They cover the leading edge, providing excellent traction that exceeds OSHA standards, even in adverse conditions. Convert your steps to safety treads.
 The New Step covers have the highest rated Anti Slip Step covers and Landings available. Typical Step covers and tapes have a abrasive grain on them. The standard abrasives grain loses most of it's traction almost immediately. Fibreglass step covers and landings with industrial diamond grit. provides the highest anti slip rating available when wet. The industrial diamond grit provides years of extended life. For immediate on site assistance,  We also provide the same material for ladders and handrails. Step covers, Flooring, Hand Rail and Ladder Rung and Stair Covers are available in numerous colors and grits. From Course to Shower Room "barefoot grit"
Please contact Gale's Industrial Supply Immediately. Gale's will provide on site samples, Take measurements and provide "test samples if needed".
Jack McDonald
Gale's Industrial Supply
(732)264-2000 x 300

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