Monday, July 23, 2012

NYC & NJ MMA Gyms take advantage of Locker Purchasing Program

New and expanding MMA Gyms throughout the NYC Metro area can now take advantage of Gale's Lockers Purchasing Program. New and existing academies can buy at the same price as the large chains. Gale's Industrial (Est. 1938) with thousands of Locker installations provides the lowest overall costs to Gyms, Schools and Business. Independent and Multiple location MMA Academies can now buy at the lowest overall cost. Gale's provides free on site layouts to help you maximize your space cost effectively. Gale's will provide free assistance to keep you Locker Room in code and advise of ADA guidelines. Call or email us today for your free on site analysis, Our quick ship program, Lifetime Warranties and financing assistance. (732)489-3867 - NYC Summer Locker Sale 2012 MMA Lockers Installations: Midtown West NYC 10001, MMA Gyms Upper Eastside NYC 10021, MMA Gyms Jersey City, MMA Gyms Tribeca NYC 10014, MMA Gyms Queens NY, MMA Gyms Harlem NY, MMA Upper Westside NYC 10024, MMA Gyms Staten Island, MMA Gyms Bergen County, MMA Gyms Edison NJ. MMA Gyms Eatontown NJ, MMA Gyms Marlboro NJ, BJJ Gyms NYC 10001, BJJ Gyms NYC 10022, BJJ Gyms Union Square NYC 10003, MMA Gyms Chinatown NYC 10013,