Monday, May 4, 2015

Employee and School Lockers New York City | NYC Lockers Ideal for Hotels, Schools, Business, Restaurants, Gyms

Metal Lockers NYC. Lyon Lockers the industry leader in Metal lockers. Built to last, American made. Lyon Lockers are ideal for employees and schools. When selecting lockers price matters. But avoid the pitfalls of buying lockers that are not built for constant use in schools and work. Lyon lockers have a lifetime warranty. Designed to handle high usage of 3 shifts per day 7 days a week. Ideal for Business, Hotels, Schools, Law Enforcement, Medical and Gyms. Free on site layouts P(732)489-3867

Single Tier lockers with sloping tops and recessed handles installed
in Times Square Hotel. Free onsite layouts.

Locker Room Benches with laminate maple tops stocked in 3', 4'
and 6' long. We can match the pedestal leg colors to match the
lockers. Free onsite layouts. P(732)489-3867
#1888B Rated best in class, Available in 4 standard sizes and colors.
P(732)489-3867 or email us
3 tier welded wire lockers ideal for employees, Equipment
storage and inventory. sturdy 4ga galvanized steel with
all welded grid openings. 3'w x 3'd x 90"H also available in
other sizes and types - 2 tier. P(732)489-3867

Single Tier Lockers Installed on 2nd Ave UES NYC
21"w x 18"D x 78" high is NYC most popular size.
Free on site layouts. P(732)489-3867

Box lockers are ideal for backpacks etc. Widely used in
hotels,  restaurants and gyms. Available in 6 tier high
5 tier, 4 tier, 3 tier and two tier.
12" x 18" x 78" high 6 tier is the most popular in NYC.
Free onsite layouts. P(732)489-3967
Two tier lockers shown above with ADA locker on right.
Free onsite layouts. P(732)489-3867

                 Contact us today for immediate assistance. Email US or call P(732)489-3867

Metal Lockers, Locker Room Benches NYC. Lyon Lockers NYC, Republic Lockers NYC.
Lockers and Locker room benches delivered daily to Tribeca 10013, West Village 10014, Union Square 10003, Midtown West 10036, Midtown 10019, UWS 10023, 10024, 10025, Upper Eastside 10021, 10022, 10065, 10075, 10128, 10028.

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